Members of the League of Enchantment

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The League of Enchantment

The League of Enchantment is a non-profit group that donates its time and efforts for worthy causes, Check out their website at  Also visit their facebook page.


Envy the Green Fairy

Visit Envy the Green Fairy on her facebook page.  


The Great Lakes Ghostbusters Coalition

Visit the Great lakes Ghostbusters Coalition at their Facebook page.


RayGrey CosPlay

Visit RayGrey CosPlay at their Facebook page.

RayGreyCosplay is a cosplayer originally from Windsor Ontario. She started her craft working in the theatre, but her love of comics and video games sent her into the world of cosplay.
RayGreyCosplay has done many characters - from Disney princesses, and super heroes, to villains. She recently moved to Michigan and loves to share her dance and art with the cosplay community.
She loves helping where ever she can and has big plans for the future.


Disfusional Cosplay

Visit Disfusional Cosplay at their Facebook page, or at their website at


Make it Sew

Visit Make it Sew at her facebook page.  


I have been sewing and crafting since I was a kid. My first sewing memory is of me following lines on a piece of paper on my mom's old Viking sewing machine when I was six or seven. Growing up Hallowen was a really big deal for the costumes. My first costume memory was of a witch costume my mom made me and she even made the Hat! It was lined with colorful fabric and left me with very large love of Halloween. In later years we made other costumes such as a Pepsi machine and a piece of toast. The first costume I made completely by myself was a Genie/bellydance outfit.
I participated with a reenactment group, where i made our outfits and taught others how to sew, for many years until my kids were too active in other things for me to participate. Other than our Halloween costumes, (which were Epic!) I felt a lack of craftyness in my life.
I went to my first convention in January of 2013. I found out that one of my favorite authors was going to be there and that there was going to be a Masquerade. I had just discovered this thing called Steampunk. I bought myself a pattern, went through my stash of fabric, made myself a new steampunk Cosplay, participated in the Masquerade and never looked back. I have learned so many new things and made great friends. I am very happy to be part of this community.


Samsquatch Cosplay

Visit her Facebook page.

@samsquatchcosplay aka Sam has been a cosplayer for just over 3 years now and it has been a blur of cosplays ever since. Currently living near Lansing she shares her workspace with her new husband and 2 giant doggy sons.She is a current board member for the League of Enchantment charity group. Members often refer to her as the chemilian because of how she falls into the different character she portrays and can be hard to recognize from cosplay to cosplay.